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About this Website

This is my personal homepage. You can learn more about what I am working at, what I think about in my spare time, and about my life in general. All these subjects are presented and structured in the following sections.

About Myself

Andreas Korat
Date of Birth:

My Ideas

This is my personal blog. Here, I am talking about topics I am interest in. Furthermore you can find papers that I have written and ideas that I have developed throughout the day.

The latest blog entries you can find are about:

  1. Massively Multiplayer Augmented Reality Games
  2. Cross-Platform Mobile Web Development
  3. Augmented Reality in Manufacturing and product development

My Work

For a long time I am aiming at improving my skills in user interface design and content management. For me, these two factors are the key elements to build succesful software, and that is why I am always keen on advancing my knoweldge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and of course with server-side programming languages like C#, Java and PHP. But I am interested in other technologies and frameworks as well. I am training my skills at developing user interfaces with the Windows Presentation Foundation for two years, and I recently started a large-scaled project at my company in which I use the framework.

I am, however, best trained at developing web sites and web application due to my studies, my personal preferences, and previous work that I have done at the Netconomy GmbH.

Thus, when it comes to creating user interfaces and management of content, I am always seeking for perfection in every detail.

As I am constantly working on my own projects, I just started hosting them at my personal websites. So, if you are interested in my work, you are welcome to visit them at my application repository.

My Life

I grew up in Graz, Austria, where I spend most of my time so far. With the age of 16 I began creating simple 3D scenes and short animated movies using 3D authoring tools like 3DS max. I really liked to create content without using many resources, just with my knowledge. And I like to express my ideas and my feelings using movie and images.

That is why I wanted to study Information Design at the FH-JOANNEUM in Graz. While they did not let me in, I had the chance to take another course, Information Manangement.

From my point of view, this was no bad luck. But take a look at my curriculum vitae yourself and learn more about me.